Neon Moiré Show — Episode II — Liam Young
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EP II — Liam Young is a speculative architect who in his own words, works between documentaires, fictions and futures. He tells stories about the global and urban implication of emerging technologies and he uses techniques from film, fiction and performance to explore what the future might look like, and what are the emerging trends that beginning to shape those futures around the world. Liam Young is co-director of Unknown Fields Division, a nomadic research studio, and founder of urbanism think tank Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today. Special thanks to for setting up the interview. The interview is recorded during FITC Amsterdam X. Mentions. Tomorrows Thoughts Today — Unknown Fields Division — Film: Hello City — Film: In the Robot Skies — Performance: Drone Orchestra — Book Neuromancer by William Gibson — Live Performance / Exhibition 1 APR…