Episode XXII – Marie du Chastel on curating and transforming KIKK into a platform for creativity
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Episode 22 of the Neon Moiré Show is with Marie du Chastel, coordinator & curator at KIKK, a non profit organization that bridges Art, Technology, Business and Culture through live events and educational projects in NAmur Belgium. Marie du Chastel joins me this week to share her story of becoming the curator of KIKK Festival, growing the festival and shares which upcoming creative fields we must follow. - - - KIKK Festival 1-4 November Namur, Belgium https://neonmoire.com/event/472/kikk-festival-2018 Tickest are Free or Pro 199€. Get €49 off, on your PRO-pass by using promo code “neonmoire-KIKKPRO”. https://kikk.be/2018/en/get-your-tickets - - - Listen to more episodes on https://neonmoire.com/podcast If you have questions, we love to get your feedback on Twitter https://twitter.com/neonmoire And of course, if you enjoyed this episode please let Marie du Chastel know via Twitter at https://twitter.com/mariekik - - - Guest Links: Personal site: https://about.me/marieduchastel KIKK: https://kikk.be - - - Neon…