Neon Moiré Show — Episode III — Jared Ficklin
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EP—III. Jared Ficklin is partner and creative technologist at Argodesign, a product design firm in Austin, Texas. His whole life, Jared is playing on the intersection between humans and technology. As a kid it started with his Atari 800. Now he is a (product) designer and a creative technologist, which means he is using the tools of code to design. We talk about how Jared became a designer, how visible technology should be in the our daily life. And he tells us about the power of organizing interactive parties at events like South by Southwest and Maker Faire Austin, where he currently directs the Think By Making party. Jared shares what you can learn from following the his philosophy of “Think by making. Deliver by demo” when developing an interactive product design and how it helps bringing products quickly to life and find the right experiences when applying innovative technologies. Links mentioned in this episode: Jared Ficklin - Argodesign - Clippy by…