Neon Moiré Show Live Announcement
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Join us on Thursday, October 25th, 2018 for the first Neon Moiré Show Live. Special guests are graphic designers Simone Trum, Loes van Esch, Stephanie Specht, Hansje van Halem and curator of moments Kali Nikitas. Thomas Dahm will talk with the guests about their paths to becoming a designer, starting and building up their own independent design studio. What it means being a female designer in the age of social media and becoming a public speaker during the rise of creative conferences. You are invited to join the conversation at MU, an explorative presentation platform that operates in a rich international network of creatives who define the liminal space between ‘what art is and what art can be’. MU is based in Eindhoven, NL. The Neon Moiré Show Live is part of the 17th edition of the Dutch Design Week. 🕗 Schedule 19:30 Doors open | Refreshments available (cash bar) 20:00 Enjoy the show (runs 60-90 minutes)…