Episode XIV – Chris Do of The Futur
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Episode 14 of the Neon Moiré Show is with designer and educator Chris Do, of educational platform The Futur, and design studio Blind. Thomas Dahm talks with Chris about his motivation to start The Futur, his way of teaching, how Chris learns and building a strong community on Youtube This episode is in partnership with Digital Design Days https://ddd.it and OFFF Italia https://offfitalia.com —- Listen to more episodes on neonmoire.com/interviews
 If you have questions, we love to get your feedback on : Twitter https://twitter.com/neonmoire And of course, if you enjoyed this episode please let Chris Do know via Twitter at https://twitter.com/thechrisdo —- GUEST LINKS: TheFutur: https://www.thefutur.com 
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