Neon Moiré Show — Episode IV — Mr. Bingo
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EP—IV. Mr. Bingo likes to provoke with his work. And translate this provocation into an analog experiences for us! Something he discovered during his Hate Mail project back in 2011, where he asked strangers if they wanted to buy offensive postcards made by him. People loved it, and he had to close the service because he couldn’t keep up with the demand. Fast forward, in 2015 Mr. Bingo successfully funded his self-published book Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection via Kickstarter. The book is a retrospective of the project showcasing 156 of his favorite postcards. Since then Mr. Bingo gives talks all around the world about everything he has learned, from the Hate Mail project, the Kickstarter campaign, interacting with strangers on Instagram and Twitter and just doing what he thinks is fun to do. We wanted to know how his world tour is going and what he has learned from giving all these presentations. Next to that Mr. Bingo gives great insights in how he prepares before he goes on stage and why he thinks…