Episode XX — Jesse James Garret on creating a human-centered design conference
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San Fransisco-based user experience designer Jesse James Garret joins us this week to share which elements make a good experience, discuss the influence attending a (design) conference can have on your thinking and how annual UX Week grow out to one of the most important design conferences​ around. UX Week San Fransisco, 21 - 24 August 2018, San Fransisco. Get 10% discount on your tickets using promo-code “UX18NeonM” Listen to more episodes on www.neonmoire.com/interviews If you have questions, we love to get your feedback on Twitter https://twitter.com/neonmoire And of course, if you enjoyed this episode please let Jesse James Garet know via Twitter at https://twitter.com/jjg —- Guest Links: Personal site: http://www.jjg.net/ UX Week: https://uxweek.com Adaptive Path: http://www.adaptivepath.com/ —- Show Notes: UX Week http://uxweek.com/ Adaptive Path http://www.adaptivepath.com/ Capital One https://www.capitalone.com/ The Elements of User Experience https://goo.gl/YHjkCY South by Southwest…