BONUS: Neon Moire Show with Civilization
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September 18, 2017
Interview with founders of Seattle based graphic design studio Civilization, Corey Gutch, Michael Ellsworth and Gabriel Stromberg. They are the creators of the podcast Beyond This Point, the Design Lecture Series and their latest project Non-Breaking Space gallery. Interview and editing by Thomas Dahm for Neon Moiré. Video recording of interview you find on Youtube. Chapters Introduction 00:00 Story behind starting the design studio 00:21 Story behind the name Civilization 02:01 Organizing the Design Lecture Series 03:28 Story behind Beyond This Point podcast 14:15 Starting the Non-Breaking Space gallery 18:29 Why are designers good organizers 25:39 How self-initiated projects influence the studio work 28:20 The Neon 5, are five recommendations in a single category 30:51 Book 31:05 Event 31:59 Food 32:34 Movie 33:31 Miscellaneous 34:30 Non-Breaking…