Neon Moiré Show — Episode VI — Dot Lung
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September 5, 2017
Episode—VI. In this episode, Thomas Dahm talks with Barcelona based social media expert and co-founder of 360VR.Barcelona Dot Lung. They talk about how Dot became a social media export, and why she started a company dealing with 360 media. This episode is is recorded during Digital Design Days and OFFF Italia in Milano. If you enjoy this one, check out the rest of our podcast episodes on Soundcloud or Apple podcast. And if you really enjoy The Neon Moiré Show, please leave a rating and review on Apple podcast. It helps others to find out about the show. Thanks. Neon 5 Book: Ready player one - / trailer - Conference: OFFF Barcelona - Food: In-N-Out Burger Movie/television: Chelsie - Miscellaneous: Read as many book as you can. Mentions. 360VR.Barcelona - - Universiteit van Californië - Irvine -…