103: The Org You Were Born Into with Marcus Blankenship
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In this episode, Marcus Blankenship talks about wanting to be in management vs. just ending up in management, the idea of organizational alignment and not agreement, defining the word “boss”, and the up/down managerial hierarchy. This episode is sponsored by Crickstart. They make organic cricket protein bars, gourmet crackers, and fruit smoothie mixes made with organically farmed crickets and other delicious wholesome ingredients. Visit crickstart.com and get 20% off with promo code GREATERTHANCODE! Panelists: Jessica Kerr | Jamey Hampton | Sam Livingston-Gray Guest Starring: Marcus Blankenship: @justzeros | marcusblankenship.com Show Notes: 01:12 – Marcus’ Superpower: Helping Engineers Become Good Bosses 02:30 – Bosses Who Don’t Wanna Boss: Ending Up in Management The Peter Principle 10:37 – Are there people who just aren’t cut out for management or leadership? 14:20 – Applying Rationality to Organizations 20:23 – Alignment Not Agreement 24:52 – Is there a safe way to try and fail at management? Trying on…