15: The Turntable/ Record Player Renaissance, and Why You Should Care
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Today we’re talking a bit of turntables, and what it takes to set one up. Turntables used to be the “gold standard” for listening, until digital files came along. Now, we are romanticizing the process…and it’s well worth it. After talking turntables, We also dig into a question or two, and give you the picks of the show! Gear Guide & Music Talk: * Audio Engine AptX Turntable * Capitol Records * Frank Sinatra * Tidal * Spotify * Beats By Dre * The Grateful Dead * Sonos * Dolby Atmos * Bose Cube * The Show * Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Pure Audio On Amazon * The Rocky Horror Picture Show * Pro-ject Audio Essential 3 Turntable * Pro-ject Audio Signature 12 Turntable * Rega Record Player * Ohm Acoustics * Dynabecker Ruby Cartridge * Music Hall Turntables By Roy Hall * Send Your Cds To Murfie For Streaming Anywhere * Pioneer Audio * Amazon Fire * Listen To Grebfruit 2 By Benny Greb * Famous Blue Raincoat By Jennifer Warnes On Tidal * Koko Taylor on Tidal * 1812 Overture