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We jump in deep and discuss the election, the outcome, the voter split, how online voting could change the way we vote and the digital antics starting to play a big role in the way in which canvassing and campaigning is done.Links:Theresa May and the DUP deal: What you need to know - BBC News — UK Prime Minister Theresa May called a general election, thinking she could increase her power ahead of Brexit talks. But it turned out she didn’t do as well as hoped and her party no longer has a majority of members of parliament (MPs).YouGov | How Britain voted at the 2017 general election — YouGov conducts one of Britain’s biggest ever post-election surveys to chart how the nation’s political character is shiftingColchester Voting station — Voting station in ColchesterFull transcript: Hillary Clinton at Code 2017 - Recode — The former U.S. Secretary of State talks with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg about the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump and Russia, Russia, Russia.Apply Magic Sauce - Facebook Prediction API - — Try…