Wrapping up VeeamON - Michael Cade - Ep66
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A couple of weeks ago Veeam had their annual technical conference VeeamON at that event they shared among other things their new strategic messaging. That message is an interesting one and their shift from ”backup” company to one focused on intelligent data management across multiple repositories is, in my opinion, exactly the right move to be making. With that in mind, I wanted to take a look at some of those messages as well as some of the other interesting announcements from the show and that is exactly what we do on this week’s podcast, as I’m joined by recurring Tech Interviews guest, Michael Cade, Global Technologist at Veeam. We start by taking a look at Veeam’s last 12 months and how they’ve started to deliver a wider range of capabilities around more traditional enterprise platforms. Michael shares some of the thinking behind Veeam’s goal to deliver an availability platform to meet the demands of modern business data infrastructures and the importance of doing more than the ability to “back stuff…