Webcache webcache what on earth is a webcache - Francesco Giarletta - Ep 47
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As part of my role as a Technical Director, one of my tasks is to attend events and hear from the community about the challenges they have and to hear from tech vendors about how they are fixing them. However, every now and again one of the things that happens is someone presents something that introduces me to a whole new challenge that I’d never considered. That happened at a recent User group event, where Francesco Giarletta of Avanite to discussed the mysterious world of the webcache and the vast array of web data that lives within it! He shared how this cache, alongside the amount of web tracking data that is dropped down onto your systems via web browsing (regardless of browser), can have significant and unexpected consequences. So it seemed only fair to ask Francesco to come onto the show and introduce you all to this often unconsidered world. In this episode, we look at the problem of webdata, the kind of information that websites collect about us, the unknown amount of data that they drop onto our…