IT Avengers Assemble - Part One - Ep38
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This weeks Tech Interviews is the first in a short series, where I bring together a selection of people from the IT community to try to gauge the current state of business IT and to gain some insight into the key day-to-day issues affecting those delivering technology to their organisations. For this first episode i’m joined by three returning guests to the show. Michael Cade - Technical Evangelist at Veeam. Mike Andrews - Technical Solutions Architect at NetApp Mark Carlton - Group Technical Manager for Concorde IT Group. The panel discuss a range of issues, from availability to cloud migration, the importance of getting the basics right and how understanding the why, rather than the how is a crucial part of getting your technology strategy right. The team provide some excellent insights into a whole range of business IT challenges and I’m sure there’s some useful advice for everyone. Enjoy the show. Show notes are here…