Automate all of the things – Jason Benedicic – Ep82
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November 26, 2018
If you spend any time listening to vendors in the technology market, you won’t go very far before you hear about how they are embracing automation, ensuring their API’s are there for all to use and sharing their expertise in community repositories like GitHub. But what does it all really mean? What is automation good for and what can it help you achieve? Does it offer more than just a way to simplify repetitive tasks? These are all questions I’ve had for a while and on this week’s podcast I catch up with Jason Benedicic, an independent consultant, who amongst other things, specialises in automation, to help answer some of these basic questions about automation and why it’s useful. In this week’s show Jason provides some great insights into the world of automation, we discuss what we mean by automation, what makes a good candidate and why it’s more than just coding repetitive tasks. Jason shares some thoughts on why automation is about more than innovation and how it can be a key part in managing and securing…