New fangled magic cloud buckets - Kirk Ryan - Ep32
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We’re all heading to the cloud, data is the new gold, all of our competition is putting its data in the cloud and getting massive competitive advantage, if we don’t know how to use our data and take advantage of the cloud we’ll be obsolete. But, if that is all true, why isn’t everyone charging headlong into cloud services and finding more and more valuable information from their data and making the rest of us a thing of the past? Over the next few Tech Interviews episodes we are going to explore that subject and look at how we can take advantage of cloud. First we take on the data challenge, how do we make it accessible to the cloud? how do we move it there? do we move it there? and if we do how do we keep it under control? To help me explore that topic, I’m joined by Kirk Ryan, a Cloud Solutions Architect for storage vendor NetApp. We discuss the challenges companies keen to embrace the cloud need to consider and overcome, the importance of building bridges between on-prem, cloud and hybrid platforms. We…