Taking a grown up look at cloud - Matt Watts - Ep77
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Cloud is not new, I don’t think that’s news to anyone, many of us have deployed a cloud solution as cloud continues to play a major part in IT strategy for an ever-increasing amount of businesses. However, this move to cloud has not come without us learning an awful lot on the way, we’ve probably all heard of cloud deployments that have not gone as we expected. Many of the issues that have led to those poor cloud experiences have been driven by an “immaturity” to our approach. Is our approach to cloud beginning to change? have we got, or do we need to consider our cloud strategy a little differently? That’s the question we ask on this weeks podcast, an episode inspired by a fantastic article written by my guest Matt Watts, Director of Technology and Strategy, EMEA at NetApp, In the article Matt posed the question Are you Cloud First! or Cloud First? And the difference a simple bit of punctuation can make. During the show we discuss the article in depth, why Matt felt the need to write it, we look at mistakes…