Analysing the data availability market - part one - Justin Warren & Jeff Leeds - Ep29
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Now honestly, this episode has not gone out today sponsored by British Airways, or in any way taking advantage of the situation that affected 1000’s of BA customers over the weekend, the timing is purely coincidental. However, those incidents have made this episode quite timely as they again highlight just how crucial to our day to day activities as individuals and businesses technology is. As part of my time at the recent VeeamON event, I took the opportunity to chat with the wider IT community who attended, not just those charged with delivering availability and data protection, but also those who looked at the industry through a broader lens. So over the next couple of weeks, I’ve put together a collection of those chats to give you a wider view of the availability market. First up, I speak with Justin Warren and Jeff Leeds. Justin, is a well-known industry analyst and consultant as well as the host of the fantastic Eigencast podcast, Justin is often outspoken, but always provides a fascinating insight…