Best Take Care Of Those Crown Jewels - Sheila Fitzpatrick - Ep 17
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February 26, 2017
Data, it’s the new oil, new gold, your Crown Jewels. We’ve all heard these phrases, but it is hard to deny that data is a fantastic asset. However, it’s fair to say that data also comes with its challenges, we must store it all, make sure we protect it all and of course we need to make sure it’s secure. This week is the first in a short series of shows looking at the challenges of data privacy. This week is part one of a two part chart with global data privacy attorney Sheila Fitzpatrick, with nearly 35 years experience in the field, she is the ideal guest too provide us with some initial context around the current data privacy landscape, the challenges we have and the challenges we are going to see in the future, including the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. Sheila has lots of great information to share, so settle back, there’s plenty to learn.. enjoy the show. Full show notes are here..