Hyper Converged now and next – Troy Mangum – Ep49
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November 27, 2017
The IT industry is full of new trends, some you get, some you don’t, one such trend, that until recently I didn’t really get, was Hyper-Converged, why have I not gotten onboard? A good test with any new technology is does it solve a problem or improve the way I currently do things? Up to now with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) I’m not sure it really does, is it helping me build a more automated, flexible, agile IT infrastructure? Is it helping me build a hybrid environment? Is it automating my IT environment so that my business gets the agility it wants? Not sure. What HCI does do well is simplify your hardware infrastructure, takes something that may have been installed in a full rack and squeezes it down into 2 or 4U in a single chassis, but is that enough? Not really. What’s changed my view? The starting point is nothing to do with changes to the HCI hardware model or addition of some great new feature, it’s actually and maybe not surprisingly driven by software, look at what Microsoft and VMware…