Making People Our Best Data Security Asset - Dom Saunders - Ep 19
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Losing USB sticks, leaving laptops on trains, installing malware, clicking phishing links. From maliciousness to stupidity, our people are a constant problem. In fact people are our biggest data security issue aren’t they? Aren’t they? We have to ask ourselves, are we doing all we can to help our people? Rather than seeing them as a security problem, have we thought about how we can make them an asset as we continually look to take on the threats to our critical data? Our people can be a huge benefit in our data security and privacy plans. In this episode, I chat with Dom Saunders of NETconsent, as we look at how we can start to help our people become that asset. We discuss why many IT policies fail, the risks that poor procedures introduce, why education is so critical and how to make sure our people are getting access to the best help they can. enjoy the show. Show notes here -