Availability as part of digital transformation - Michael Cade - Ep 22
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There is no doubt that the world we live and work in is changing, in our personal lives we expect an always on experience and ever more digital interaction with the world. This is not just in our consumer lives. In our work lives expectation is the same, not only in the way we expect to work with technology, but also in the way our businesses expect to operate. But what does that mean, what does that mean to us as either IT professionals, or those trying to navigate their organisations through the trials and tribulations of our journey to a more digital way of working. That’s the subject of this week’s podcast, as I’m joined by Veeam’s Michael Cade to discuss how this move to a more digital world is impacting the way we must treat our technology. In this episode, we discuss exactly what we mean by digital transformation, how this is driving our reliance on communications and technology and the problems not been able to access them bring, not just to consumers, but to our organisations and the impact that has…