Why stay in the data industry? - Greg Knieriemen - Ep81
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November 19, 2018
The data industry is a really interesting place right now, for many organisations their data and the challenges of how they use it, secure it and derive value from it is right at the top of the CIO’s priority list. However, data is not the only area of the technology industry that is interesting, automation, AI, machine learning, IoT and of course the fascinating world of the hyperscalers. So, when you are an experienced technologist, well known in the industry and you are presented with a range of new opportunities, what is it that attracts you back to work in the data industry? That’s the question I put to this week’s guest, experienced tech industry “veteran” Greg Knieriemen. Greg has just left a highly successful stint at Hitachi and was presented with a range of interesting opportunities; however, it was one of those established storage vendors, NetApp that appealed the most to him, but why? What could the data industry continue to offer someone with an already wide experience of it? During this show, I…