Thin clients are they still a thing - Tony Main - Ep27
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The IT world is a funny place, we love a bit of innovation, sometimes it’s new and revolutionary, sometimes something whose time has come and sometimes, some just keep coming back and remaining relevant, but maybe relevant in new and different ways. One such technology is the focus of this week’s podcast as I am joined by Tony Main of Italian thin client vendor Praim. I’ll be honest, I was sceptical as to whether a discussion of Thin Client was really relevant in the world of modern IT. So we discuss how trends around data mobility, security and analytics play very much to the strengths of thin client and are again making thin client an interesting proposition. Tony shares how the maturity in VDI technology is also changing how organisations view their desktop and application deployment methods making thin client a more attractive proposition. We wrap up discussing how Praim are looking at the secure desktop market, taking what they know from thin clients and helping organisations repurpose desktops to…