The state of the data nation - Howard Marks - Ep70
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A couple of times a year I like to do a show that reviews the current state of the data market, the chance to take a check on the challenges facing both the makers and consumers of data technology, how they are been addressed, the technology changes and trends that decisions makers should consider and what the future holds for the industry. Earlier this year I spoke with industry analyst Chris Evans to look ahead to 2018. For this half year review, I was very fortunate to get some time with renowned industry analyst Howard Marks. With over 30 years’ experience as a consultant and writer on the storage industry he is very well placed to comment on the current state of the market and its direction. In this episode we discuss rate of change V amount of change, the impact of cloud and how SaaS is impacting traditional roles. We talk about the future of the storage admin and been in charge of data paranoia! We look ahead at the challenges of data management and storage class memory and the impact of producers and…