Controlling your cloud - Robert Cox - Ep37
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The podcast is back from its summer holidays, a week earlier than expected, with this special episode looking at a problem that is often overlooked. There is no argument that increasingly we are taking more of our business IT solutions as services, be that building platforms and infrastructure or whether it’s consuming specific software as a service (SaaS)solutions like Salesforce or of course the almost omnipotent Microsoft Office 365. However, many people operate their SaaS solution under the assumption that their service provider is protecting all of their data by inherently providing backup and recovery facilities and it’s a real shock to them when they find out that in reality their service provider does not. It is this that is the focus of this episode as I caught up with Robert Cox of NetApp before he headed off to AWS summit, to talk about NetApp’s new SaaS data protection solution Cloud Control for Office 365. We discuss the move to SaaS, the risks that come with it and why people abdicate…