At your data’s service - Dave Sobel - Ep24
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I think we all accept that as individuals, businesses and organisations, the way we see our data is changing, more than ever we see it as an asset and like any asset we see it as something to treat carefully, ensuring it is stored properly, secured, protected and of course something we are getting value from. A big part of this shift is driven by the technology industry itself, tools, technologies and services are now available that allow us to use our data in ways that previously we had not been able to. However it is not just the technology, it is also how a new breed of service providers is making this technology much more accessible. This is the focus of this week’s podcast, as I’m Joined by Dave Sobel, Sr. Director of Community and Field Marketing at SolarWinds MSP. As we look at how these industry changes are enabling us all to get more from our data. We discuss the evolution of what we see as a computer, how the importance of the device has made way to the importance of the data and of course the ever…