When Public Cloud Isn’t The Answer - Matt McSpirit - Ep 16
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February 19, 2017
We all love the way cloud has simplified how we deliver technology solutions to our business challenges, its simplicity and efficiency are extremely powerful. It’s a great answer to many a challenge, but what about when public cloud can’t be the answer? Whatever the reason, technical, commercial or data security, sometimes for an organisation public cloud just can’t be the answer. What do we do when we want the simplicity of cloud but can’t have it? Build your own cloud of course! That is the topic of this weeks show, in part two of my chat with Microsoft Technical Evangelist Matt McSpirit, we explore Azure Stack, Microsoft’s on-premises private cloud offering. Matt Shares with us what Azure Stack is, who it is (and isn’t meant for) and how you get your hands on it, both in its current tech preview as well as its general release form later in 2017. Hope you enjoy the show - show notes are here.. http://wp.me/p4IvtA-J4