Looking Forward Looking Back - Chris Evans - Ep 52
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It’s the kind of thing us podcasters like to do this time of year, we like to take a bit of a retrospective view of the previous year as well as a look forward to the new, so not wanting to miss a trick on the Tech Interviews podcast, that’s exactly what we do in this episode. To help me to look forward and look back at the tech industry I’m joined by Analyst Chris Evans. We take a look at a whole range of topics, we discuss how a move to a more software defined future has not stopped the re-emergence of the importance of hardware. We also explore some thoughts around the development of hybrid cloud as more businesses look at how the data they hold on the edge of the cloud can take advantage of cloud compute that is within it. We also ask why some of the tech we expected to see progress in 2017, didn’t. Of course we also look forward and ask whether 2018 will be the year for NVMe? How we expect to see the continued growth of scale out file storage and of course no look at 2018 would be complete without a…