Scale that NAS - Justin Parisi - Ep50
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There is no doubt that the amount of data we have, manage, control and analyse continues to grow ever more rapidly and increasingly this is unstructured data, documents, images, engineering drawings, data that often needs to be stored in one place and be easily accessible. However, this presents problems, how do you get all of this data in one place when it’s not just TB’s it 100’s of TB’s and made up of billions of files that need to be accessed quickly, how on earth do you build that kind of capacity and deliver the performance you need? Well, scale-out NAS may be the answer, in a world where we have these ever growing massive unstructured data repositories scaling out our NAS services makes perfect sense, delivering not only massive capacity but also taking advantage of scaled-out compute to give us the ability to process the billions of transactions that come with a huge repository. So for Episode 50 of the Tech Interviews podcast, it seemed apt to celebrate the big five-oh talking about big data…