IT Leaders and Social Medias - Richard Bliss - Ep85
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Social media, it’s a phrase that we constantly hear, the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. are commonplace, but does social media have a place in our day to day professional lives? Social media has great value, not just in terms of developing relationships, but also in how we are perceived, both as individuals and as businesses, regardless of whether your business is a technology one. How many of us, before we buy a product or service, visit a website or Facebook page before buying? Or take to Twitter for support on a product or service? And of course, how many of us, when making a new contact head off to LinkedIn to check them out? Social media tools are a core component of 21st-century communications, so the question is, why do so many IT pro’s and IT execs not take the time to invest in social media? On this week’s show, I’m joined by one of the people, that thanks to social media, I’ve gotten to know over the last few years, Richard Bliss. Richard is a social media strategist and works…