The Heart of the Data Fabric - Justin Parisi - Ep 48
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November 20, 2017
I’ve discussed in a number of blog posts, as well as previous episodes of Tech Interviews, the importance of building a data strategy. The term “Data Fabric” is an increasingly common way of describing such a strategy, this was something I first heard 3 years ago at NetApp’s annual technical conference Insight as they introduced their first ideas for building a strategy that would start to move them from a storage company to a data management company. When NetApp first discussed this three years ago, they were a very different company, accused of living in the past, a traditional storage dinosaur with no place in this modern world. But NetApp has changed, today they are moving headlong into a data management future. Surely then, as NetApp continue to change, their beloved ONTAP operating system can’t still play a key part in building a data fabric. Nothing could be further from the truth, and that is the focus of this episode, as I’m joined by Justin Parisi, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp and…