Logging and learning your public cloud – Colin Fernandes – Ep 74
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September 10, 2018
In the last of this series looking at the shift to public cloud we discuss getting the best from your cloud and the value of understanding the behaviour of your cloud infrastructure. On this show I’m joined by Sumo Logic’s Colin Fernandez as we look at public cloud, the value of what it delivers and how an understanding of its performance is crucial to not only help achieve desired outcomes, but to do so while meeting those ever-critical security and governance requirements. Colin is a self-proclaimed IT veteran with 32 years’ experience in the industry, starting out at ICL and arriving at Sumo Logic via the likes of IBM and VMware and that longevity in the industry puts Colin in a great position to comment on what he sees in today’s market and how cloud has and is disrupting our use of technology. As always, cloud means we discuss a wide range of topics as we chat about new platform paradigms such as serverless and containers, we discuss the impact cloud has on security and compliance and why security has…