Availability of all of the things - Michael Cade - Ep60
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Recently I wrote a blog post in which I touched on the importance of availability, especially In a world were our reliance on technology is ever increasing, from the way we operate our business, to the way we live our lives and how digitally focussed businesses can no longer tolerate downtime, planned or unplanned, in the way they could even 5 years ago. The crux of that article talked about how crucial availability is in our modern platforms. So how do we maintain availability and mitigate against the evils of downtime? That’s simple, we build recovery and continuity plans to ensure that our system remain on, regardless of the events that go on around it, from planned maintenance to the very much unplanned disaster. But there’s the problem, these things aren’t simple are they? With that In mind the recent product announcement from Veeam of their new Availability Orchestrator solution, caught my attention and is the topic of this weeks podcast, as serial guest Michael Cade, Global Technologist, at Veeam,…