Hybrid cloud it’s just like Lego - John Woodall - Ep55
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As organisations we can see the benefit of cloud and almost all organisations are taking advantage of it, be it a software service such as Office365 or backup and DR, the efficiency and simplicity of deployment of these kinds of services make them an attractive option. However, what we are not seeing, in general, is organisations moving 100% to a cloud-based IT infrastructure, this can be for many reasons, suitability, complexity and cost, for example. But our desire to take advantage of cloud services is not going to diminish, especially as we look at how to get the best from our data with analytics, business intelligence and machine learning , often the only practical way to access these services is via cloud. Recently I watched a video called “What it takes to get your data hybrid cloud ready” in which John Woodall, VP Engineering at Integrated Archive Systems, provided insights on how to prepare your data and infrastructure to operate effectively in a hybrid world. John covered some great information…