Analysing the data availability market - part two - Dave Stevens, Mike Beevor & Andrew Smith - Ep30
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This weeks episode is part two of our view at the wider data availability market as I’m joined by three more guests from the recent VeeamON event to continue our discussion. This week we look at how our data availability strategy is not and can not just be a discussion for the technical department and must be elevated into our overall business strategy. We also look how technology trends are affecting our views of backup, recovery and availability. First I’m joined by Dave Stevens of Data Gravity as we chat about how backup data can be a source of valuable information, as well as a crucial part in helping us to be more secure, as well as compliant with ever more stringent data governance rules. Next I chat with Mike Beevor of HCI vendor Pivot3 about how simplifying our approach to system availability can be a huge benefit. Mike also makes a great point about how, although focussing on application and data availability is right, we must consider the impact on our wider infrastructure, because if we don’t we…