Tech Interviews the Keynote Round Up - NetApp Insight 2017 Day One
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November 13, 2017
One of the main components of any tech conference is the keynote sessions, these are the sessions that share the vision, set the context for the show and a good keynote is a vital part of creating the right atmosphere for those attending. What I wanted to do with these special shows was to try and grab some of the immediate reaction from those attending the events and the keynote presentations that come with them. For these first shows, I’m at NetApp’s Insight conference in Berlin, where we expect four days full of the latest in what the data management industry are doing and hearing how data continues to be a focus for transformation for many of us. With that in mind, what did Monday’s keynote session deliver? To find out, straight from the keynote I caught up with Jason Benedicic (@jabenedicic), Atanas Prezhdarov (@prezblahblah) and Mark Carlton (@mcarlton1983) to get their views on the key messages from the keynote and what they expected from the rest of the event. Enjoy and look out for day twos Keynote…