What you don’t know, may hurt you - John Hughes - Ep 20
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We are all familiar with the saying “what you don’t know, won’t hurt you”. Well in the world of data management, security and privacy the opposite is most definitely true. For most of us, as our organisations become more digital, we are increasingly realising the value of our data, how big an asset it is and how important maintaining it is. However, although we understand its value, we actually have very little insight into what is happening to it on a day to day basis. That’s our focus this week, in the last of our data security & privacy episodes, as I chat with John Hughes of Varonis. Varonis provide data analytics and insights into the way we use our data, what our data is, who is using it, what it’s used for and if it’s even used at all. We discuss the history of Varonis, why data insight is so critical, why it’s a cornerstone of our ability to meet compliance requirements and how it’s a crucial part of our defence against data security attacks. So settle down and enjoy the show. Thanks for listening.…