Telling data stories - Amy Nicholson - Ep25
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Data is increasingly driving the world we operate in and the way we are using data to drive it is changing rapidly. Business decisions are no longer made just by Fred with his humongous spreadsheets, or Mary and her accounts package wizardry. Data analytics is now something that we see every day, even if we don’t realise it, from the intelligence in our smartphones, to high performance computing crunching masses of numbers, the use of analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning is becoming increasingly commonplace. On this weeks show I’m joined by Microsoft Tech Evangelist Amy Nicholson, as we discuss the continued development of the data analytics market and how companies like Microsoft are making data tools more accessible and how platform as a service offerings allow us to focus on getting value from our data without having to worry about the infrastructure behind it, regardless of how complex it may be. We also look at how the analytics conversation has moved away from one about technologies…