Fear of the delete button - Microsoft and Compliance - Stefanie Jacobs - Ep69
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Compliance of data continues to trouble many business execs, whether IT focused or not, it is high on the agenda for most organisations. A few weeks ago I wrote an article called, Building a modern data platform “prevention” focused on how Microsoft Office365 could aide an organisation in preventing the loss of data using some excellent, if not well known tools, inside Office365. This got me to thinking, what else do Microsoft have in their portfolio that people don’t know about? This episode of the podcast explores that exact topic, this is a show I’ve wanted to do for a while and finally have found the right person to help explore Microsoft’s approach and what tools are quickly and easily available to help us deliver robust compliance. To help me i’m joined by Stefanie Jacobs, a Technology Solutions Professional at Microsoft, with 18 years’ experience in compliance. Stefanie shares with fantastic enthusiasm the importance of compliance, Microsoft’s approach and how their technology is enabling…