Keeping your data incognito - Harry Keen - Ep45
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Sharing our data is an important part of our day to day activities, be that for analysis, collaboration or system development, we need to be able to share data sets. However, this need to share has to be balanced with our needs to maintain the security of our data assets. How do we address the problem and maintain that balance? One answer is data anonymization and that is the subject of this week’s show, as I’m joined by Harry Keen, CEO and founder of In our wide-ranging discussion, we explore the part anonymization plays in compliance and protection and why the difficulty of current techniques means that we often poorly anonymize data, or we are not even bothering. We explore why anonymization is so difficult and how solutions that can automate and simplify the process will make this important addition to our data security toolkit, more accessible to us all. Harry provides some great insights into the challenge and some of the ways to address it. Next week I’m joined by Ian Moore as we take a…