How a 100 mile bike ride inspired a new way of fundraising - Lee Clark - Ep34
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This weeks episode is a little different, rather than chatting with someone from the tech community about technology trends and IT business issues, we talk to an actual user! In the final part of our brief series looking at moving to the cloud, we look at a real use case, someone who has embraced cloud technology to bring innovation to an industry as I’m joined by Lee Clark of Givepenny UK. Lee describes how a 100-mile charity bike ride, that he never got to do, made him think about a whole new way of fundraising and by using the data that we all track and store about our everyday activities he could bring some real innovation to charities in the UK. We discuss a range of issues that come with attempting to deliver innovation, including how we can often be crippled by our own behavior restricting our ability to embrace change. Lee shares how important it is to understand how trends are affecting your industry and how those trends can revolutionise the way we operate. We discuss how cloud has given access to…