Managing the future - Dave Sobel - Ep 59
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As our IT systems become ever more complex, with more data, devices and ways of working, the demands on our systems and ensuring they are always operating efficiently grow. This in turn presents us and our IT teams with a whole new range of management challenges. Systems management has always been a challenge for organisations, how do we keep on top of an ever-increasing amount of systems ? how do we ensure they remain secure and patched ? and how do we cope with our users and their multitude of devices and ensure we can effectively look after them?. Like most of our technology, systems management is changing, but how? And what should we expect from future management solutions? That’s the subject of this weeks podcast, as I’m joined by returning guest Dave Sobel. Dave is Senior Director of Community at SolarWinds MSP. As part of this role, Dave is also charged with looking at the future of systems management and what these platforms need to include in them to continue to be relevant and useful. Dave provides…