IoT more than a sensor - Mark Carlton - Ep64
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Buzzwords are a constant in IT, Cloud, HCI, Analytics, GDPR are often bandied about and serious discussions are had, however not everyone is sure what some of these buzzwords mean, what the technology consists of and importantly what positive impact does it have on an organisation? Another contender to the buzzword Olympics is IoT or “The Internet of Things” what does that mean? What is a thing? And do I want things? When I heard that a friend of the podcast had taken on a new role as an IoT Solutions Architect It seemed like a great opportunity to get some IoT education for not only me, but also the Tech Interviews audience. So, on this week’s show I’m joined by Mark Carlton, now an IoT Solutions Architect at Arrow ECS and asked him to share what he’s discovered in his time in the role, how he sees IoT as a technology and how implementing it can deliver value to a business. We start off by trying to define what we mean by IoT and how like many a new IT trend, it isn’t really that new with businesses having…