What is a next generation datacentre? - Martin Cooper - Ep35
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There is no doubt that our organisations are becoming ever more data centric, wanting to know how we can gain insight into our day to day operations and continue to be competitive and relevant to our customers, while delivering a wide range of new experiences for them. These changes do mean we need to reconsider how we design and deliver technology. Which has led to the idea of “The Next Generation Datacenter”, but what does that mean? What is a Next Generation Datacentre? That is the subject of this week’s podcast, as I’m joined by Martin Cooper, Senior Director of the Next Generation Datacentre Group (NGDC), at NetApp. In this episode, we look at a wide range of topics, starting with trying to define what we mean by Next Generation Datacentre. We touch on how a modern business needs flexibility in its operations and how a focus on applications and data, not infrastructure, require IT teams to respond in an application and data focused way. We also provide a word of caution on how not all our current…