Rise of the bots - Ian Finch - Ep26
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Shouting at Siri, arguing with Alexa or cursing Cortana the idea of talking at technology, whether on your phone, laptop, tablet or even a specialist device like an Amazon Echo, is becoming increasingly commonplace and is only going to become more common. Voice is an example of the move to change how we interact with our technology, a move away from monitor, mouse and keyboard, to more flexible and, let’s face it, efficient ways of working. Another such technology is the subject of this weeks show, as I’m joined by Ian Finch of Mando Group as we discuss the development of chatbots. We don’t just focus on the technology, but also how the value of bots is about much more. Ian provides some brilliant examples of how bots are helping us to greatly improve some of the historically poor experiences we have as users of technology, from customer support to the much maligned exhibition app, using a new approach to these can deliver great results. Ian provides some fascinating insights - enjoy the show. You can find…