028: “Gachi Gachi!!!”
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In this episode, Greg, Leon and Rahul discuss: Noir detective comedy with added eldritch horror in "Vinegar Teeth #1". An X-Men tale! the son of Charles Xavier in his own new story "Legion (2018) #1". a politically charged supernatural detective tale woven through the backdrop of 1972 Detroit "Abbot #1". The conclusion to a seriously epic and hyper psychedelic Sci-Fi-Grind-house extravaganza "Space Riders: Galaxy Of Brutality #4". Fine dining and supernatural Japanese parlour games in the Berger Books debut comic "Hungry Ghosts #1". Notes: The website that Rahul mentions where you can find a list of Japanese Onomatopoeia and what noises they stand for! Send any questions or feedback to [email protected] And also please subscribe and leave us a review! Ace Comicals, over and out!Support Ace Comicals