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I started my first website and blog in 2011 when I started my first business. At the time, blogging was already very popular for businesses. In fact, some “experts” said that blogging was dead. That’s so funny to me. People make these outrages claims all the time. When I started my personal blog in 2015, it was exactly the same. “Blogging is dead! Social media and video is where you need to be!” Really? My social media activity is close to 0. And yet, my articles reach close to 250K people a month. My whole strategy is blogging. Nothing more. Nothing less. So no, blogging is far from dead. In fact, over the past year, I’ve been getting at least 4 emails a week from people who want to start a blog. I noticed that there’s a need for practical information about the business of blogging. Hence, I’m starting a new website where I will be sharing everything I’ve learned about the business side of blogging. It’s called Business of Blogging. And I just registered my domain at Bluehost: businessofblogging.net. It’s…