Episode 03: Bike sharing business models - Mobike and ofo
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John and Matthew go deeper on bike sharing and respond to some listener feedback. Questions they answer: How many bikes are on the streets? How many users do Mobike and ofo have? How much are these two companies worth? How do they generate revenue? What are some potential monetization strategies? How do Mobike and ofo fit in with Tencent and Alibaba’s broader strategy? How has the government responded? What will future regulation look like? Links TechNode’s coverage of bike sharing Sheila Yu: Mobike announces “Magic Cube,” an AI made from its mountains of user data John Artman: Mobike jumps on hongbao bandwagon with “Mobike, mo’ money” Matthew Brennan: Mobike & Ofo: Bike Sharing Industry Report (Nov 2016) Matthew Brennan: China Bike Sharing Report: March 2017 ReportLinker: China Bicycle Sharing Industry Report, 2017-2021 iResearch: 2017年中国共享单车行业研究报告 Hosts John Artman, @knowsnothing, TechNode Matthew Brennan, @MattyBGoooner, ChinaChannel Podcast information iTunes RSS feed Music: “Theme from Penguins on…